Treasures and Tales of Italy’s Art Recovery Team

Grand Opera House, Wilmington, DE

University of Delaware, Old College Museum, Newark, DE
2014, October 3 – December 21

Priceless antiquities. Ruthless grave robbers. High-tech counterfeits. International smuggling routes that run from the necropolises of Tarquinia, Italy to the posh auction houses of London, England, from the seedy underbelly of the black market to world-renown museums.

Ripped from the case files of the Guardia di Finanza, stories like these will be told during “Treasures and Tales of Italy’s Guardia di Finanza Art Recovery Team,” a groundbreaking exhibition of priceless works of Etruscan and Greco-Roman art and craftsmanship, on display at The Grand Opera House in Wilmington, Delaware from Oct. 3-Dec. 21.

Each ancient ceramic, mosaic and statue tells a story, not just of the time of its creation, but also of its theft and recovery by the indefatigable agents of the Gruppo Tutela Patrimonio Archeologico, the art recovery team inside the Guardia di Finanza. The Guardia di Finanza, with headquarters in Rome, is Italy’s national law enforcement agency tasked with fighting financial crime and recovering stolen art and artifacts.

Visit the website of the exhibition or start disc[+]ring its story-world by clicking on one of the slides below.

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