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Date: Undetermined
Height: 31.3 cm
Ø Rim: 30 cm
Ø Base: 16 cm
Recovered by the Guardia di Finanza

The skyphos, a deep, handled cup, is made of bright orange clay. The black glaze is shiny and thick, although it has deteriorated on the upper part of the vase and on its foot. The glaze on the handles is also chipped and very tarnished. The over-painting is in white and yellow. Between the foot and the vase’s body there is a well-preserved band of orange glaze. The decoration consists of a figurative panel framed between an ovule motif under the rim and a continuous wave motif on the bottom.

Side A
A maenad dressed in a chiton sits on a bench shaped like a mill stone (catillus). She wears a crown and her hair is gathered in a head scarf (opistosphendòne). Her hairstyle is outlined using diluted glaze to create a chiaroscuro contrast. She is adorned with jewels and necklaces.
In her right hand, she holds a round drum with a bunch of grapes tied to it; in her left hand, she holds another bunch of grapes. The only secondary decoration is a small mirror next to the maenad’s right leg.

Side B
A cupid moves towards the right with a crown and opistosphendòne. He wears jewelry and a garland on his chest. He holds a drum with both hands. A bunch of grapes and a mirror hang from the decorative ovule band to the left and right of the Eros, respectively. Between his legs is a small flower, another vegetal design, a framed palmette, and a small mirror immediately above it.

Stefano Iafrate


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