Skyphos decorated with owls

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Third quarter of the fifth century BCE
Height: 8 cm
Ø Rim: 9 cm
Ø Foot: 5.5 cm
Recovered by the Guardia di Finanza in 2002

This small cup is intact. It features a slightly rounded body, a ringed-foot, and one handle attached vertically and one horizontally.

The inside of the bowl is glazed black. A small unglazed band, superimposed by a thin line of black glaze, constitutes a ground line beneath the figures. The bottom portion of the bowl is glazed in solid black slip. The center of both sides are decorated with images of a Little Owl (Athene noctua), framed by olive branches. To the immediate right of one of the owls, a small gap in the black glaze indicates that the vase’s surface came into contact with something while the glaze was still fresh. A very popular type of skyphos, the subject at hand dates from 450 BCE.

Tiziano Cinti – Mauro Lo Castro


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