Peacock & Williams Class 47

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Third – fourth centuries AD
Height 78 cm; rim diameter 12 cm; base diameter 8 cm

The amphora belongs to Peacock & Williams Class 47. All of its parts are intact, and it is a reddish-brown color. At the center of the amphora the coloration has almost entirely vanished, probably due to a time spent in an acidic terrain and inadequate conservation.

It features a long truncated neck that narrows from the shoulder to the rim. It is characterized by a ribbed decoration in relief. The two handles are attached below the rim. They face each other and rise until they reach the height of the mouth and then descend to attach at the shoulder. The handles are tri-furrowed on the exterior of the handle for the entire length, and they do not feature visible markings of the manufacturer.

The body is widest where the two handles attach at the shoulder. It tapers until terminating at a hollow point, serving as the foot, with a round base and decorated with horizontal ribbing in relief.

This type of amphora is similar to Peacock & Williams Class 47, also called the “Hollow Foot Amphora”. It dates from somewhere in between the third and fourth centuries AD. This dating takes into account the stratigraphic evidence from the Terme del Nuotatore in Ostia provided in the publications by A, Carandini and C. Panella in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Moreover, the two scholars have suggested that this class of amphora was for transporting wine.
It has been hypothesized that the production of these amphorae took place in the area around the Aegean Sea.


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