Late Roman Transport Amphora

1,000 د.إ د.إ

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Typology: Keay XXVs
Middle of third century to the fifth century AD
Height: 110 cm
Rim: 13 cm

This amphora, of Type Keay XXVs, is almost entirely intact, with only its left handle missing. It is bright orange in color, with traces of pink slip on its surface. Its exterior is encrusted with mollusks, due time spent in the sea, and with mildew, probably caused by its conservation in humid environments.

The amphora is characterized by its truncated neck and its flared rim that ends in a thick, oval-shaped ring. Small, ear-shaped handles attach at the neck. The body is cylindrical and constricts slightly above its peg toe.

The shape of the amphora identifies it as Type Keay XXVs. Amphorae of this shape excavated in mid-third-century contexts near Pollentia, Italy, provide the dating for the type. According to Lloris Beltran, these amphorae must have been produced around Ampurias, in present-day Catalonia, Spain.

No scientific analyses of the contents of this particular amphora have been performed. However, it probably contained oil or wine.


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