Disc[+]ver more about the Nemean Lion’s Labor

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Nemean Lion

This is a list of resources to discover more about the story of Hercules and the Nemean Lion. Please add your suggestions!

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Nemean lion

The Nemean lion (/nɪˈmiːən/; Greek: Νεμέος λέων[1] Neméos léōn; Latin: Leo Nemaeus) was a vicious monster in Greek mythology that lived at Nemea. It was eventually killed by Heracles.

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NEMEAN LION : Giant lion of Nemea, labor Heracles ; Greek mythology ; pictures ; zodiac Leo : LEON NEMEIOS

THE LEON NEMEIOS (or Nemean lion) was a large lion, whose hide was impervious to weapons, which plagued the district of Nemea in the Argolis. King Eurystheus commanded Herakles to destroy the beast as the first of his twelve Labours. The hero cornered the lion in its cave and seizing it by the neck wrestled it to death.


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