Bronze Fibula of the “Acorn” Type

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Mid-seventh century BC-sixth century BC
Length 13 cm

This is a compound fibula with a twisted bow. It is varnished, and in the upper part are three shallow incised lines. The two sides of the bow are decorated with eight small acorn-shaped spheres, fully fused together, with four per side. The piece is intact.
This fibula features decorative elements that belong to the “acorn” type of production in Campania. Such products are already documented in Capua beginning in the fourth phase of the city (640-620 BC). They were widely diffused and their scope of influence included the entire area of Suessula, the Valle Caudina, the area surrounding Salerno including the Valle del Sarno, Alife, a part of Sannio extending to Alfedenda, the Sorrentine peninsula, and also Lazio. The “acorn” fibulae remained in use for a long period – and it therefore witnessed a long period of production – that covers a time span from the second half of the seventh century BC through nearly all of the sixth century BC. There existed variations of the model: from simple to complex, always with acorns, with or without a collar, variable in number from three to six pairs, protruding from the sides of the bow and, in just a few cases, also from the stirrup’s extremity. The fibula could have been made from either iron or bronze.

A. Palladino


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