From the Media Age to the Liquid Storytelling Age – The short version

Since the dawn of humankind remarkable stories have always traveled by word of mouth and changed along their way to final destination, adapting themselves to the places they visited. Sometimes stories traveled for thousand miles that way, like the ones along the markets of the Silk Road from Venice to China, for example. Then the Industrial Revolution came: mass market distribution became king and its rules transformed stories into packages to deliver most efficiently. The mantra became to be able to deliver millions of copies of the same story to people in a very short interval of time and packaging them in a way that makes the most efficient use of the scarcest and priciest resources: shelves and logistic assets. It was the advent of the Media Age of Storytelling.

The Internet challenged, and still challenges, this model and the entertainment industry keeps working on adaptive solutions, like the Cross-media Storytelling and the Transmedia Storytelling. Anyway, Internet brings word of mouth back with a vengeance. Stories propagate once again in a natural way like waves through people. We are living the dawn of the Liquid Storytelling Age. As of today the entertainment industry keeps working on building always better pipes to deliver liquid stories according the same business model of the packaged ones, but a completely different business model is possible. Interestingly, liquid storytelling gives back a very important feature to market squares: they are places where people meet to exchange not only goods, but news and ideas again.

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